Saturday, March 14, 2009

This will make no sense, best to ignore it

This will make no sense unless you are a fan of both Fallout 3 and The Hold Steady.

well holly came from megaton
when her dad stepped out, it was the smoking gun
the smoking gun that echoed as she stepped out onto
the banks of the potomac river

[insert chorus, something that rhymes 'smoked those raiders' and 'she said laters' ]

and she came to ground and she staggered around
she did some jet and some stimpaks
and she had to kill some tunnel rats
on the banks of the potomac river

[something that rhymes 'young turk' and 'mirelurk']

I was bored while getting a haircut, and had been listening to The Hold Steady right beforehand, give me a break, huh jeez

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