Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

I was on a certain website this afternoon and noticed that someone had posted a link titled [RIP] Tim Russert.jpg and thought to myself "nah, it's gotta be a hoax". What a shock to discover that it was true. As long as I can remember following politics as an adult, he has been a constant presence -- especially this primary season, when most people I know and I have been glued to the television every election or caucus night. The randomness to the points of our own mortalities can sometimes feel very cruel, and this is one of them -- that he would not live to see the outcome of this election that he was so obviously very, very excited about.

While I often wished he would press the people in the current administration more closely, the fact remains that he did ask the questions, and that their answers or non-answers to those questions are now a matter of public record.

A great anchor, a great interviewer, and an affable and warm human being. I can't begin to imagine who will be able to replace him on our Sunday mornings. RIP.

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