Thursday, June 5, 2008

White Rabbits

OK, I suppose I should mention that this blog will also mention non-cheese related things, such as music.

Went to the Black Cat tonight, and saw White Rabbits. It was an incredibly good show -- if you're not familiar with them, just type the name of their band into Youtube to see some wonderful concert footage, including their appearance on Letterman (who knew?) They're a six-piece band, which includes two drummers and two lead singers, all alternating roles from song to song (and often in mid-song) and are right up my alley. I hope it's up your alley as well, since I'm going to be evangelizing about this band for quite some time.

White Rabbits played many songs from their debut album Fort Nightly, as well as new songs, and their encore - "Maggie's Farm". This Dylan cover seemed to pass as an original until the chorus, at which point the crowd cheered loudly upon recognition -- at which point the band seemed to grin as one, and buckle down to the task of bringing the song in to an un-ironic, loving groove. The band left the stage after this encore, and only rejoined the crowd behind their merchandise table, selling T-shirts and CDs themselves.

The Black Cat is always a great venue to see a show at, and tonight was no different. It was not a full house, but still very crowded, and we were able to watch the entire show with no obstruction or incredibly tall personages standing in front of us. All in all, a wonderful show from White Rabbits. I will post later about the bands that opened for them, and link to photos.

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